In Brazil filed a lawsuit against the President Bolsonaro due to poor response to the pandemic COVID-19

The President of Brazil Jaira Bolsonaro filed in the international criminal court in the Hague for “crimes against humanity”. Complaint concerns measures to fight the pandemic COVID-19, according to Correio Braziliense.

The lawsuit was filed by the Brazilian network of trade unions UNISaude. They accused the President in “serious and fatal failures” in responding to the pandemic COVID-19.

As notes the edition, in April Bolsonaro have complained in the court of the Brazilian bar Association. They demanded to recognize the crime against humanity that Bolsonaro encourage actions that increase the risk of spreading disease.

65-year-old Bolsonaro considered a threat COVID-19 exaggerated (he called the disease “Grippolom”) and argued against tough measures to contain the pandemic.

In June, a Federal judge Renato Borelli issued a decision which ordered the President to wear a mask while participating in public events.

On 6 July, the Brazilian President fell ill, the temperature rose to 38 °C. He said that even before receiving the test result started taking hydroxychloroquine. On the same day, testing confirmed that at Bolsonaro coronavirus. On 25 July he was cured.

Brazil, according to data from the world health organization, is in second place in the world for total number infected with coronavirus (almost 2.4 million) and the number of deaths from infections (more than 86 thousand), trailing only the United States.

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