In Berlin decided to rename the station “Street of the Moors” in honor of the composer Glinka, the media recalled that he was an anti-Semite

The Berlin government decided to rename the metro station Mohrenstraße (“Street of the Moors”) in the background of the fight against racism around the world. The initiative to rename July 3, was organized by the public transport authority BVG, writes “Deutsche Welle”.

Discussions about the renaming of the street Mohrenstraße, the name of which many in Germany is perceived as discriminatory, being not less than ten years. However, in December the construction of a new metro line, therefore you’ll have to update the maps of the transport network. So, the management decided to change the name of the station right now.

As the new name for metro station the company offers a “Street University” in honor of the Russian composer, which was held in Berlin last year of life and died there.

However, some German media have found that Glinka was a nationalist and anti-Semite.

Thus, the publication jü dische Allgemeine reminded that the plot of Symphony music Glinka, “Prince Kholmsky,” talks about the “Jewish conspiracy”.

In response to criticism of the company BVG stated that the decision to rename is still pending, and the assignment of a name of Glinka station – one of the possible options.

After the murder of American in Minneapolis African American George Floyd around the world raised a wave of protests against racism. The protesters felled monuments to historical figures that had to do with slavery or racism. Authorities renamed the disputed cities and States, the media are changing their policies in favor of maximum tolerance.

Floyd died may 25 after a tough police detention. Forensic examination confirmed that the death was caused by strangulation (police officer Showin knee pinned Floyd to the asphalt, becoming on his neck). Involved in the arrest of a COP was later charged.

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