In Berlin, after a rally against racism, police arrested hundreds of people

In the German capital Berlin on 6 June held a rally against racism. An hour after the end of the rally several hundred people rioted, writes “Deutsche Welle”.

The event was held in support of the Black Lives Matter movement (“black Lives matter”). On her Alexanderplatz gathered about 15 thousand people.

The demonstration was held peacefully, many of the participants observe the rules of social distancing. The order was provided by nearly 800 law enforcement officers.

Soon after its completion, several hundred people gathered near the station Berlin-Alexanderplatz and began to pelt police and passersby with stones and bottles. Wounded 28 police officers.

The result was detained 93 people. They are accused of violating public order, resisting police officers and assaulting them.

Protests against racism has swept across the world after the death of the African-American George Floyd’s in the American Minneapolis. He died may 25 after a tough police detention. Forensic examination confirmed that the death was caused by strangulation (a police officer with his knee pinned Floyd to the asphalt, becoming on his neck).

The destruction of the man triggered massive protests (often accompanied by riots and acts of vandalism), first in Minneapolis and later in other American cities.

In clashes in nine States, killed 11 people, among them – both police and demonstrators.

Four employees of police of Minneapolis, who participated in the arrest of Floyd, was charged.

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