In Belarus after the Victory parade detained about 100 opposition journalists and bloggers

In Belarus before and after the Victory day parade in Minsk the police detained more than 100 opposition bloggers, journalists and subscribers channels that criticize the current government and of President Alexander Lukashenko. About it reports “air force Ukraine”, referring to the correspondent of TV and radio company in Minsk.

The detainees have criticized the actions of the authorities, which decided to hold large-scale military parade on May 9, despite the pandemic coronavirus. They participated in the online stream, which was told about the situation in the country.

So, blogger Sergei Petrukhin was sent to the camera for 15 days, without waiting for the summoned ambulance crews – a man with a high fever and suspicion of a coronavirus, but the test he did. At trial, Petrukhin said that in the detention center with him there were other people with fever.

Blogger detained in 350 km from Brest, where he was on the way to meet counterpart Sergei Tikhanovski – onorganizatorom streams with critical statements about Lukashenka’s policy and life in the country, according to “BBC Ukraine”.

Tikhanovski may 6 detained near Mogilev – team blogger tried to take into custody during a meeting with the subscribers on his channel, but then the police physically prevented the audience Tikhanovski. Demanding his release, in different regions of Belarus people came for the action. The result was detained by his colleagues-bloggers, YouTube viewers and journalists covering spontaneous protests.

In Bobruisk detained supporters Tikhanovski, who tried to organize a “antipated” may 9.

The trials of activists, human rights defenders, journalists on 11 may was held in 12 cities of Belarus.

According to the data of human rights center Viasna, the detainees mainly, was tried under article about participation in an unauthorized mass event. Most of them were sentenced to 10-15 days or a fine of 810 rubles (about 9 thousand UAH).

“The protest activity of members and supporters of regional bloggers-critics was unexpected for the authorities and for the Belarusian opposition parties and organizations,” according to “BBC Ukraine”.

May 9 in the Belarus capital Minsk, despite the pandemic of coronavirus, a parade was held, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the end of world war II. The Ministry of defense of Belarus announced participation in the parade 4 thousand soldiers, 185 units of tracked and wheeled vehicles. Stands for spectators have been designed for 11 thousand people, they were almost fully occupied. Few people were wearing masks.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that “even the idea to change traditions that have 75 years of glorified history of the great feat of the winners, for us is unacceptable”.

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