Immoral benefit. That means selling Newcastle the Prince of Saudi Arabia

Apparently, in the coming days will be officially announced that a consortium of Saudi Arabia, which is headed by the crown Prince of this country and its current defense Minister Mohammed bin Salman will become the new owner of the club of the English Premier League “Newcastle UTD”. The deal will cost investors roughly 300 million pounds, and a few months before its official confirmation in the English media there was a serious debate – how accurate is this act, and whether to allow the Saudis to gain influence in one of the most popular clubs in the North East of England.

In fact, in this story the only thing surprising is the fact that we are still surprised. Whoever and what arguments are not nominated, but the fact remains that English football is now only trying to look pious, although he had long made a deal with the devil.

Even before the current story with Newcastle, in 2007, the Premier League has approved the purchase of Manchester city by former Prime Minister of Thailand Thaksin Cinevate. All this happened on the background of the fact that international non-governmental organizations Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch actively tried to convey to the minds of the functionaries and managers of English football information on the various abuses, which is literally full of Shinawatra’s political career. Didn’t work.

A year later Shinawatra shares sold Manchester city to Sheikh Mansour, representing the United Arab Emirates. The deal happened amid the many accusations against the potential new owners of the bulls, which, in the opinion of some analysts and experts have acquired the English club only to itself provide the necessary public relations on the European continent and to hide behind sporting success “city” numerous violations of human rights permitted in their country. In particular, they talked about the documented cases of torture, ill-treatment of migrant workers, discrimination against women and a number of unfair trials.

But all of the above it seems these “flowers” on the background of those “roots” that are in almost direct accusations now actively put forward in the Western press in address to potential owners of “Newcastle” from Saudi Arabia. If the sale of “forty” American Mike Ashley will take place on the control package of the English club will be owned by the Public investment Fund of Saudi Arabia, the formal leader is Yasser al-Rumian will be the new President “Newcastle”.


In reality all these organizations and “signs” hides the name of Mohammed bin Salman, the son of the current king of Saudi Arabia. This Arab country currently has a far better international image. Numerous non-governmental organizations in Western countries to actively accuse Saudis of torture, restrictions of freedom of speech, banning the existence and activities of human rights organizations, the continuing military intervention in Yemen, etc. But perhaps the most important dark stain on the reputation of Saudi Arabia in the global community is the accusation that leaders of the state in the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, which occurred in October 2018 in the territory of the Consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul. Subsequently, the media got the information that the CIA conducted the investigation came to the conclusion that the body of the murdered Khashoggi was dismembered with a saw, and as the customer of a crime personally spoke Mohammed bin Salman. He is the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia such accusations categorically denies, however, the bride Khashoggi of Hatice Cengiz said that a few hours waited for the bridegroom outside the gate of the Consulate, but he so there and not come out.

Learning about the desire of Mohammed bin Salman to buy Newcastle, United Hatice Cengiz made a statement: “the Leaders of great Britain and the Premier League have to prevent someone like Mohammed bin Salman, whom the international community has yet to prosecute for the murder of my fiance, Jamal Khashoggi, so actively involved in sports in this country. Otherwise it will seriously ruin the reputation of the Premier League and the UK. You need to understand that Mohammed bin Salman strategically configured to use international sports to restore its seriously damaged reputation after the murder of Jamal”.

But this is only part of the iceberg, the true dimensions of which are now probably unable to assess none of the football functionary. We can safely say that the potential arrival of Mohammed bin Salman in Newcastle myself not knowing it was provoked by the current club owner Mike Ashley. American has become a symbol of failure and hopelessness, but because another owner now seems the vast majority of British hardly the Messiah. It is obvious that Ashley was the man whose work makes now the bad guys seem to the vast majority of others is good.

Probably after the completion of the transaction “Newcastle” fans will disperse into three camps. Two poles will be those who categorically does not accept such decision, and those who support him. First, obviously, would be in the minority, because the masses of people, as a rule, nothing to do with big politics and its subtleties, and because the figure bin Salman will cause resentment and only a small part of knowledgeable fans “forty”. The second easily succumb to the active propaganda on the part of the Saudis, which has rivers flowing on social networks.

Most fans Newcastle will probably feel some discomfort in relation to the person of the new owner of the club, who is more than will be covered by the euphoria of the departure of the hated Ashley. However, it is unlikely the fans seriously fault that was unable to prevent the arrival of the club of the man whose image is tainted by blood. This is the Premier League where you have to understand that letting party guests with a dubious reputation, should not subsequently complain about the mud stains that are left behind in an expensive carpet.

This situation shows that modern football has long been in a difficult moral situation, because the organs that are designed to protect clubs and their reputation, in fact, turn a blind eye to many issues, they find themselves held hostage to the excessive commercialization of football and progressing from year to year, ideas to win at any cost.

“Newcastle United” – a great football club with traditions and potential, who fell in the mud by the negligence of the person whose task was to produce a “forty” on the path of progress. Don’t spend a survey among the fans of Newcastle to know the results – the club deserves better. But we should not delude ourselves, naively believing that the reputation and success of a modern football club dependent on how many superstars he is able to buy, or how rich its owners.

In the end, Newcastle – just another victim caught in a monstrous millstone long ago changed the football of today, where more and more points of support in the form of the super-rich investors have, as a rule, very mixed reputation…

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