If I were in Russia – nowhere had I not happened to have ate this shit up. And also would tell stories in the spirit of “the Bolsheviks would not last a week”

The most popular positions in the political part of the Russian-speaking Facebook are always the materials of the same properties:

1. Putin is doing everything wrong. But for now it’s only see me.

2. This time he made a fatal mistake. But Putin himself that is not yet understood.

3. People’s patience is coming to an end. But seeing this few professional political scientists/social scientists/geologists and astrologers. (I recommend you to read: here is a link to the video. I speak at the HSE on the workshop for the mentally alternative professors).

4. Now instead of X in Washington anchors the Y, and it is here Putin will not be good. But know that only professional analysts, so I, of course, as one of them.

5. Etc.

Structured they are also quite the same: tra-TA-TA, but in fact, the spectra-you-you. He thinks that blah-blah-blah, and waiting for him bly-bly-bly. He expects this and that, but really, he’s done. That’s it. Just now. Years five to seven, or 100… And even he is sick, old, Botox has spread to the liver, etc., But it’s classified.

And Putin is all like water off a duck. He has 20 years mocks all of the predictions and the analytical/sociological/political/hydrological and hydraulic studies…

Let me tell you something you all already know me. And who my age. And those who are older. And who are younger. In short, all who have lived at least a quarter of a century when “scoop”.

So. Open you a terrible secret: he’s not going anywhere. Will sit for as long as he the Lord has measured out. 100 years means 100 years. 150 – so 150.

There is no science. And Rio de Janeiro either. Nothing. And the waves of the Atlantic ocean breaking on the Shepetovka. Shove your predictions up your arse.

We are all mixed up. “Scoop” is eternal. Only once Russia was lucky. The Lord took pity on us and sent us Gorbachev. And he himself (himself!) gave us freedom. And we have our freedom put into the hands of drunken superintendent.

Taking him (drunken foreman) for a sort of folk type natural Democrat. Which, like Aphrodite from the sea foam born itself in him and zakasnik corridors.

Now I think about it, and I find it funny. And then I animal seriously believed that his divorce is about freedom of speech and the way he appreciates her.

Okay. Nevermind the Dry residue is that more of us in this Millennium no luck. Putin Zolotov and Kadyrov with Patrushev will not. They are all lightweight, boring and greedy people. Us and them does not mind. Here any weight.

And it’s true: what we regret? It serves us rightly….

And that’s another thing to say something you want. Mine is not political science, and even, I would say, poetic forecast (in the spirit of Goethe) will be: the freedom you will receive not earlier, than it will become you more than life. When you life without freedom seems quite unnecessary.

While it is not. And that screeching that you have set up in connection with quarantine (lock us stronger!), it showed very clearly.

I did not oppose themselves to you. Just me, a criminal case was squeezed out of Russia, and so I am unable to drink this Cup with you. And if I were in Russia – I do not go away: ate that shit. And also have told you stories in the spirit of “the Bolsheviks would not last a week”…

And that two times not to rise: it seems that Europe is not eager to open to the Russians border. Over the last couple of years many killers under false names came to Europe through the Russian passports with tourist visas that COVID-19 was a good reason at all to shut this down.

So the option of emigration, it seems, itself dies…

The niche that I so some deliberately heightened and exaggerated? You are not offended? Well I for clarity. Loving…

In short: enough inspiring stories. You need to look at the situation an honest look. Remember that the ancient Greeks considered hope a sin.

Source: Alfred Koch / Facebook

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