“I was broken”: Katy Perry admitted that she thought about suicide after breaking up with Orlando bloom

Don’t know if you remember or not, but Katy Perry and Orlando bloom, who soon become parents for the first time, met in 2017. Then their relationship ended in breakup, which was hard for the singer. As admitted star recently in an interview with SiriusXM radio station CBC, due to problems in his personal life and the failure of the new album Witness in those days it was even visited by thoughts of suicide.

“I broke up with her boyfriend, which, by the way, now we have a baby. Then I was hoping that the new album shot, but he failed. I was a wreck,” admitted Katie.

At this time, the star has completely revised its values and changed the way of thinking.

“For me it was important to feel broken — it helped me gather myself again and stop just live it up as a pop star. Thanks — that’s what saved my life. If I hadn’t found this I would have drowned with sorrows and just jumped to,” said Perry.

We are sincerely glad that the hard times are over.


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