“I was an easy target”: johnny Depp has accused amber heard in an attempt to build a career at his expense

In London yesterday began the official trial between amber heard and her ex-husband johnny Depp. So, amber accuses former regular beatings, and johnny says that their marriage originally was a fake based on the cunning plan of amber to build a career at his expense.

Yesterday, giving evidence in court, the actor shared details of their meeting and life together:

“Then (when they meet) she was very friendly and tried to tell me about a recent breakup with her boyfriend… She was beautiful and was very interested in me and my work, as I then thought. And I bought it. Later realized that it was the goal — to marry me, to make a career and money.

At the time she repeatedly told me that he admires my films. However, later admitted that he had not seen any of my work. She knew what he wanted, and I was an easy target.”

That the answer to this amber?


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