Hybrid material “Proteus” cannot be cut by any known method

Researchers from Durham University (UK) and Fraunhofer Institute (Germany) have developed a material whose sole mission is to oppose any attempts to cut. This does not mean outrageous strength or even invincibility – on the contrary, named “Proteus”, the new material may well be destroyed. But cutting or drilling with a mechanical device completely useless.

Proteus consists of an aluminum base, in which the raisins into the dough rolls evenly inserted numerous ceramic spheres. They are fixed in place and not so strong – on the contrary, the external ceramic layer actively crumbles under the load, turning into grains of sand. Because of this, in place of the deformation forms a viscous mess of ceramics, dust and metal particles that fills the gap.

It is very similar to how a bullet gets stuck in the bag with the sand, the farther it moves, the more grains of sand begin to communicate with her, slowing the movement. If instead of a metal drill to take the cutting tool provides, round and movable ceramic particles will rotate under the action of the jet and to reflect it in different directions that will eventually make her as useless. Can be left on the surface of the aluminum body Proteus as many cuts, but to cut it entirely fail.

As noted by the co-designer Stefan Chinesische, trying to cut Proteus is akin to attempts to break a jar of jelly diamonds. The developers plan to use new to create light armor and protective gear against bladed weapons and other similar threats. Also it is possible to make the cables anti-theft alarm for bikes which are unlikely to bite even the bolt cutters.

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