Humanity is moving away gradually from the bestial attitude to the weaker sex, but the Earth is still bleeding this problem, and everywhere we have Finland

The speculative edge.

My two cents worth in connection with the conflict “Venediktov – Veduta”, but not only with her, of course. I would venture to formulate a position.

Physical abuse or extortion of sex with the help of psychological pressure (threats, blackmail, abuse of office) of course become the subject of public attention and heated public reaction. Fortunately, these cases provided by the Criminal code.

I am of course quite aware about several conflicts of this kind, and heard about many and I believe that public intolerance should be explicitly addressed in this way. Again: physical and psychological violence (threats, blackmail, abuse of office).

But everything else (outside of this criminality) is in the field of legitimate human relationships, isn’t it? Relationships sometimes deep, sometimes frivolous. Sometimes clean, sometimes not too. Sometimes mutually desirable, sometimes, alas, no.

And this “no” to all the world’s languages have words that instantly returns the normal man over the red line, if he and she have different notions of where this trait, or different reads on the situation. (And read, and represent very different, of course).

These are the words of refusal. They heard every man. And obliged to accept.
For “a bold hand” practiced a slap in the face (see the poem “the Count Nulin”). The tool is old, but works perfectly to this day.

For ham, insisting on violence (see above), there is a corresponding criminal article, as, indeed, for someone who extorts sex blackmail or threat. All this is not that simple, but pretty obvious.

And when one speculative manner are mixed this disgusting criminality and exciting (or not) sexual lottery, which employs and will employ up to the end of the days mankind, God give him health is not good.

Feminism is great, but it would be good, according to Descartes, is still to agree what it is. That women have the same rights as men, including the open expression of sexuality and choice of partner? That’s even better!

Humanity is moving away gradually from the bestial attitude to the weaker sex, but the Earth is still bleeding this problem, and everywhere we have Finland, and for the most part just the Saudis. Iranian journalist flogged for decades and thrown in jail for refusing to wear the hijab… In Somalia (and if only in Somalia) cut girls raped and killed. Kadyrov steering ment appoints his wife 17-year-old girl, and her family is celebrating this happiness in fear of death, staring at the floor…
Hey, feminists, where are you all?

And “feminists” are deceptiveness career of Placido Domingo, who half a century ago by a careless touch broken lives of dozens of accidents. If this shameful farce aggressive is your feminism a bad deal.

(Leave aside the separate big topic on the ever-sliding standards of conduct and the strangeness of today’s moral convictions about this. The founding fathers of the USA were slave – owners not to remove their names from the American streets?)

But let us return to conflict (Domingo, Venediktov etc). What do you do if the woman had not told the man’s sobering words and there was abusive to her traumatic situation? Well, and to be silent?

Well, why be silent. Statute of limitations in a personal relationship there. And woman, of course, entitled to Express the man thinks about it. A slap in the face to give it a little late, but you can sue (if there was a crime).

But if the criminality was not the removal of that kind of stories for public consideration undermines, in my opinion, the very basis of relations between a man and a woman (and even personal relationship to the full width of the gender options).

For if we have something each other needs in sex life, as they say, by default, it is, pardon the tautology, it is the default and should. Otherwise, go nuts us citizens. (“And from the hall I shout “come on”for more details).

To open the box of Pandora this chatty very easy, but it may one day be discovered unexpected places. Imagine, for example, what about the women who harassed men (Yes, including touch) or about women’s offers of sex in exchange for career will start to speak publicly men? The same Placido Domingo, to far to walk. Oh, how we become interesting to live!

But what shall we call these talkative men? I think we call them bastards who have lost the concept of dignity. And we are right. Ladies, you wanted equality, I do not confuse? You sure you want it?

…Which is sad in discussions on this issue? Speculative the blade usually cuts the dispute at the blood irreconcilable parts. Either you’re for “feminism” and should welcome any farce, and any speculation under this flag, or you gross lout, a boor and a supporter of the “Domostroi”.

What if to hide the blade and return to simple things and basic concepts? You see, it becomes clearer black and white. You see, separate the wheat from the chaff. You’ll see, and agree.

Source: Viktor Shenderovich / Facebook

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