How to turn on a video conference in any celebrity

New filter Avatarify support DeepFake allows video conferencing participants to try on the face of the almost any famous person, living or dead, from the Mona Lisa to Steve jobs and Elon musk. In fact, Avatarify uses an algorithm that can overlay the face of a celebrity on the face of the user in real-time. The code for this software is available to download for everyone via Github.

Demo conference shows how Elon Musk is supposedly wrong link and gets to two-way video conferencing Zoom. Despite the outward similarity is due to the fact that the video Zoom quality is some pixel mess – vocal performance leaves much to be desired. But how can we not failed to have knowed at this sudden meeting?

Programmer Ali Aliyev – the fake Elon Musk of video conferencing have used open source software First Order Motion. Is a program of exchange of persons, developed by a group of Italian researchers, in collaboration with the Corporation Snap Inc.

“Development of a prototype took a couple of hours and I decided to play a trick on my colleagues phone to Zoom every Monday,” – commented on his act, said. “And it worked. Since they are all engineers and researchers, the first reaction was curiosity, and soon we had tested a prototype”.

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