How to easily create a QR code using Google Sheets

QR codes is a handy tool to instantly connect the offline phenomena with their online form. They can be used for a variety of problems, from redirecting with a Billboard on the street to the point of sale of the goods on the Internet, to tracking the activity of participants in video conferencing.

How they are actually created and stored? Here’s one simple way: comes to the aid of the program Google Sheets. A simple formula for creating a QR code looks like the following:


– where “A2” at the end is correlated with the cell reference containing the data for which you want to create a QR code, for example, in the URL shown in the picture example;

– Peredistyy fragment refers to the API for Google charts, which has the option to generate QR codes;

in this case the QR graph is converted to an image by using the encapsulation IMAGE.

If you want to create multiple QR codes, just add additional URLS (or other data types, for example, identification codes) below A2, select cell B2 and drag the selection box down, holding the blue box in the lower right corner of the selected cell. So the formula will apply to the selected number of rows.

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