How supernovae create calcium, which consist of our bones and teeth

Last spring, in the galaxy M100 is 55 million light years away exploded supernova SN 2019ehk. It is noteworthy that he found this Amateur astronomer Joel shepherd, and the Hubble space telescope saw nothing. This is no accident – SN 2019ehk refers to the unique objects that are responsible for creating more than half of all calcium in the Universe, including the one that is in our teeth.

After a year of studying SN 2019ehk and its heritage scientists have called this the generation of calcium most powerful in history. Stars usually produce very little of this element, slow burning helium in the course of its existence. But in a supernova, everything is different, and in the case of SN 2019ehk the explosion led to the collision of matter stars with an external gas ring, which gave rise to huge temperature and pressure. It launched a nuclear reaction, which led to the synthesis of limiting amounts of calcium.

The case was so rare and amazing that in less than 10 hours after the detection of a supernova behind it is the next best telescopes in the world. And just in time, because a scientist managed to fix the x-rays of unprecedented brightness that has been missing for five days. Because of such speeds of the processes such cases is not always possible to notice that have generated controversy regarding the origin of “star” of calcium.

It is noteworthy that over 25 years of Hubble observations have repeatedly looked in the galaxy M100, but found nothing there. Neither did he see the supernova, from which it was concluded that SN 2019ehk – dull and easy star or white dwarf. And it is the object of this type, and not a massive star, responsible for the origin of the greater part of the calcium in the Universe.

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