How not to fall into depression quarantined: Margot Robbie made a video with valuable advice


Keep optimistic during the quarantine is not so easy and every one of us to save different things. Dedicate some time working remotely, others sports online or just watch the movies ahead of time is not enough. Another advice on how to stay positive and not get depressed quarantined shared actress Margot Robbie.

She told about it in the new video that came out within the project #WeThriveInside non-profit organization “Institute of the child mind”. It turns out to not be depressed, Margo is every day a list of important lessons:

“I make to-do lists for each day. There are those that need to be done today, there are plans for a long time, but there is still fun and entertaining. I just write down everything I think about. And if I don’t accomplish something from the list for the day, I’m not worried, and simply return to the performance of these items on the next day,” he told the star.

Margot Robbie is convinced that this habit helps to put things into proper perspective in mind. And start writing lists is easy but you need to start with simple tasks. For example, plan to watch a movie or start reading a book.

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