How many cyclists need to charge Tesla

On the Finnish TV show “Ennätystehdas” set up an experiment dedicated to the irrational consumption of energy by electric vehicles. Hosts of the show decided to visually compare the energy cost of moving by using electric bike. To this end, they asked a group of cyclists to ride exercise bike to charge the battery of one electric vehicle Tesla Model X.

The total effort of nine cyclists had to 20 minutes to produce 1 kW of energy. It’s the equivalent of only 2 km, the Tesla Model X, a battery capacity which 85 kW*h If they wanted to create an alternative network of Tesla Supercharger with a peak power of 150 kW, which Tesla batteries can be charged 80% in just over an hour, they’d need 1350 cyclists.

Obvious that to apply to people on bicycles as a source of energy for the electric car – not the smartest idea. But everything becomes more complicated if, instead of trained athletes as in the show, to take ordinary Tesla owners, ordinary people with an office job. The average functional threshold power of 250 watts this person will need to pedal 340 hours or two weeks to charge the battery of your electric car. No breaks for eating or sleeping.

It is easy to see that if you transplant a cyclist with a trainer on a regular bike, it is for the same amount of time will pass much further than Tesla depleted of energy. And because you can ask a reasonable question: if a man wants to take the electric vehicle for the protection of the environment, not simply whether he is right to ride the same bike? And not to expend expensive and not as pure electricity.

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