Hot cuisine: David Beckham plans to launch his own culinary TV show


Cooking is a long — standing hobby of David Beckham that soccer player apparently decided to turn into a profession. During the quarantine, the athlete is not just in Stories of your culinary creations, as well as went out with Gordon Ramsay in the live shows in Instagram. And now, according to the Sun, he is in talks with Netflix and BBC about running your own show.

“One of the unexpected advantages of the quarantine for David was the opportunity to do what he loves most — baking. The last time he repeated a lot of old recipes of his mother, and on my recent birthday I received a gift a lot of pots and pans,” he told The Sun anonymous source.

Well, we are waiting for confirmation from David’s own!

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Publication from David Beckham (@davidbeckham) 4 Dec 2019 12:18 PST

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