Hospitals and hospitals equipped with systems of air disinfection of the Russian production

In the laboratories of the 17 hospitals in the Moscow region, the area in which pereprofilirovanie for patients with COVID-19, as well as in quickly erected hospitals of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation in Omsk, Primorsky region, Sevastopol and modular hospital in the Republic of Bashkortostan established, disinfecting the air.

Developer and manufacturer of equipment which binds and inactivates the viruses and bacteria, is a Russian company tion. Bactericidal installation at the same time filter out particles of dust and for bioaerosol, inactivate all types of microorganisms and purify the air from odours and harmful gases.

Technology tion has expert conclusion of the state scientific center of Virology and biotechnology “Vector” and Federal state healthcare institution “plague control center” of the CPS and recommended for use to combat the microorganisms of I-II and III-IV groups of pathogenicity (danger). Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, causing pneumonia COVID-19, belongs to the second group of pathogenicity.


Today, medical disinfecting air is also actively establish companies and institutions that adapt to working in pandemic conditions and equip facilities, to protect employees and customers. Systems tion include the offices of the manufacturer of medical equipment A&D, network of the Moscow clinics “IMMA”, a room for pre-flight briefings of crew S7 AIRLINES, halls “Moscow Taganka theater”, the Bakhchsarai historical and cultural and archaeological Museum-reserve and others.

Technology tion includes four steps. In the first stage pre-filter captures coarse dust and prevents the ingress of large particles of contamination. Further, passing through the electrostatic unit, the mechanical contaminants and bioaerosols gain an electric charge and Deposit on the volume of the filter-precipitator (class H11-H13).

tion.jpgViral particles mainly distributed in the air in the form for bioaerosol (with droplets of sputum) and on dust particles, lifted into the air from contaminated surfaces. The presence in the instrument tion functions high filtration efficiency allows you to securely hold any micro-organisms, regardless of nature, size, and morphology. Even a single virus SARS-CoV-2, having a size of about 0.1 micron, will be delayed with an efficiency greater than 99%. This allows us to provide a high level of disinfection regardless of the type of microorganism in the air.

All detainees infectious agents are inactivated (destroyed) inside the instrument using ozone. Ozone always remains inside the machine, because the final stage is set the adsorption-catalytic filter that destroys the ozone and purifying the air of harmful gases and odors.

Group of companies TION founded in 2006 in Novosibirsk Akademgorodok. Today the company has a range of equipment and solutions for air disinfection and cleaning in medical institutions at different levels of purity, buildings, restaurants, hotels, offices, stations and industrial facilities.

TION equipment is installed in about 1,000 medical institutions, including research Institute of emergency care. N. In Sklifosovsky in Moscow Infectious clinical hospital No. 1, mmch named after. Burdenko, Russian center of emergency and radiation medicine named after A. M. Nikiforov of EMERCOM of Russia (St. Petersburg), the Leningrad regional tuberculosis dispensary, etc.

The company has offices in Moscow, Novosibirsk and Shenzhen. Production site in Novosibirsk region for the licensed production of medical equipment.

The company is a SKOLKOVO resident and Academpark.

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