HOLYFIELD: “If Tyson hit me in the head, I will not remain in debt”

57-year-old American boxer Evander Holyfield said he was not going to finish off Mike Tyson during the exhibition fight, if, of course, will be held.

“We’re going to have three rounds. Not 10 or 15. Perhaps the duel will be held in protective helmets. I do not intend for someone to knock out, but even in sparring we go 16-uncover gloves and receive strong hits.

I take care of myself and normally relate to the blows to the head. Believe me, if Tyson hit me in the head, I will not remain in debt. In any case, I’m going to hit his head with jabs. The difference is that if I shake Tyson, it is not going to try to finish it. I’m gonna step back,” said Holyfield.

We will remind, during a career as a full time Holyfield met Tyson in the ring and both times were a winner.

VIDEO. Holyfield scored a fighting weight and returns to its former speed

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