Hollywood for the first time elected for the main role of a robot with artificial intelligence

Hollywood just approved for the lead role in a new sci-Fi film, “Beta” robot with artificial intelligence. Her name is Erica.

“Beta” tells the story of a scientist who has invented a program to create the perfect human DNA. However, it failed and the program became dangerous. Therefore, the scientist is forced to help a robot to Erica is to escape from the laboratory. The film’s budget is $ 70 million.

This is not the first case when Hollywood turns to the help of high technologies when creating new characters. Last year the company’s MOI and Worldwide Image Engine has created a “digital copy” of the legendary actor James Dean for the filming of the movie “finding Jack” about the war in Vietnam. The real James Dean died 65 years ago.

Experts in the field of visual effects recreated Dean with the help of technology full CGI. To do this, they used real footage of the filming of the actor, as well as surviving photos and videos. A real live actor will give Dean your digital voice. “Looking for Jack” should be released this year – if the pandemic will not prevent this.

As for Erica, her debut will take place no earlier than the end of 2021. The producers are yet to find the Director and partners of people for Erica. However, some scenes with the actress robot was already filmed in Japan in 2019. Shooting must be completed in Europe in June 2021.

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