Hola, amigos. What made us the denouement of the championship of Spain

Luckily, even the quarantine is not eternal, and today after Bundesliga the screens returns the championship of Spain. Great and very hot Derby Sevillano will open the final part of the season, which produced more interesting than any show. We decided to tell you about the main intrigue of the ending.

Select whether Espanyol?

Eighty-nine seasons, the eighty-five Examples took place with the direct participation of “Hispaniola”. It spent the best years of “the Divine”, Ricardo Zamora, revered as the best goalkeeper in the history of Spain; it happened in the final segment to deprive Barcelona of the championship, giving the gold medal to the “real”; not to some “real” or “Juventus”, namely “parakeets” belongs to a record series on European matches without a single defeat. For twenty-six matches in the international arena in a row the Barcelona club finished undefeated!

However, from quarantine Espanyol goes to the brink of disaster. For eleven rounds before the end of the “parrots” lags behind from saving 17-th line on the six points. The reason is prosaic: not strong enough to play on two fronts. “Parrots” by the end of February participated in the Europa League, they, if anyone forgot, knocked out in qualifying, “Dawn” and constant performances through the three days the team was firmly entrenched in last place.

If someone quarantine and had to help out of the stupor, so it’s the second team of Barcelona. In December, Pablo Machín, who clearly failed to be useful in a new place, replaced Abelardo – master on work with outsiders, previously left in the elite “sporting” and “Alaves”. The team went to great expense for the January transfer market in Barcelona and drove up striker Raul de Tomas, who took six games to become the best scorer of “parrots” in the championship (however, it was quite four goals), defender Cabrera and winger of Embarba, immediately became the main.

This increase helped “Hispaniola” immediately begin to get out in front of keratinom the last four rounds, the team scored only two points. But ahead of home matches with Levante, the “Leganes” – and in the last round to take “Salto”, which is now just occupies 17 th place! Of course, everyone has their own preferences, but “Hispaniola” almost subconsciously waiting for the final climb. Without the Barcelona Derby Example is not the same.

Also, it should be noted that in the struggle for a place under the Spanish sun, take part a real car pressure under the name of “Eibar”, always uncompromising home “Mallorca”, “Celta”, which is not conceded in their last three before the quarantine matches, and two former club Lunin: “Getafe” and “Valladolid”. As corny as it may sound, but in the top League of Spain are no weak teams: not just because the underdog outplayed the Challenger for second place in the Premier League.

Will Atletico without CL?

Fans of atlético clapped loyal “Indians” Simeon, in spite of everything when they knocked out Liverpool from Champions League. Clapping louder because, what other reason to rejoice in this season they have: the teams that played a draw the championship more often than wins, which naturally results in a place outside the top four. Sounds funny, but to get into the main competition by winning it for El Cholo and his army could be easier than just take up space in the zone of the Champions League.

For Atletico Madrid it’s nice to be sick when you watch the games this team exclusively against the top clubs. Then there was the look and manner of the coach to conduct the bleachers, and team tactics and number of players behind the ball, “Indians” very organic when it comes to games against big and strong. When you look at the game Atletico against another underdog, it’s boring and embarrassing at the same time: the team is ridiculous rolls the ball, not being able to sharpen.

Critical problems with the creativity of real Madrid was understandable when the team was completed with unnecessary top club players. But now, when atlético he behaves in the market as a real top club, allowing yourself to intercept all the giants, joão Felix, this style of play in most matches looks at least strange. As a result, the team Simeone avoids even the extremely worker-peasant Getafe, not to mention the traditionally good “Seville” and “Real Sociedad”, which got a lot of attack.

Okay, a lot of interest in the problem of “Atletico” was due to injuries. The game against Liverpool all the victims recovered (this match was the first with no losses in the season!), because at the finish of the season, “Indians”, most likely, still look like the favorite in the fight even for third place. But the fight for places in the Champions League has the potential to be amazing. Can not be discounted even Valencia, which is behind the fourth place just four points, although it seems weakest in the game: at least five teams fight for two spots in the main competition.

“Barcelona” or “real”?

And the main question for almost any of the Spanish season for his two whales. The two greatest and most renowned club in Spain broke away from his pursuers at a respectful distance and, obviously, will compete for the title.

Barcelona leads, but doing it against all odds. The team in recent years a countless number of times he missed with the transfers, it has huge problems in defence, it is obscenely dependent on the age of the players – but once again is ahead of all in the League. We all know why: abnormally good form of Lionel Messi allows the Catalans to qualify for titles, no matter what.

Real built more efficiently, logically. He has a deep structure (in the last match before the quarantine on the bench sat Rodrigo, bale, James and Valverde) who is familiar with him, the coach, the real stars… it was the only player who would claim the title of one of the two greatest in the history of football. Ronaldo gone, gone victory – football sometimes is too simple.

However, the difference between Barcelona and real Madrid is just two points – and the game against atlético, against which “blaugranas” in the championship still to play, and “Blancos” no, in a condition this difference to reverse. Real Madrid forced break should help more: in February-March he squandered all the advantage and was able to grow more, but two months were given the opportunity to get fit the Hazard, which in the first part of the season looked a foreign body.

At Barca, of course, the injury healed itself Suarez, but no one can say with certainty that the 33-year-old striker after a serious injury will still be able to play at the top level. Kike of Setian recently said bluntly that unreasonable to expect full games are performed by Uruguayan is well behind him only young ANS Fathi and Martin Braithwaite, whose appearance in “the leopard” makes me remember the “Bars” of twenty years ago. In previous times to such an extent left the characters provided at the camp Nou then.

In General, on the side of the Barca player, who is able to make a difference alone, but on the side of “real” – in General, stronger and more balanced team. Who will win? I would like to believe in the Metropolitan club must be in football at least some logic.

Tournament table of the championship of Spain

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