“His life was turned upside down”: the friend of Prince Harry said that he misses former duties

Although Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have already started a new Chapter of my independent life, in the media and then new details emerge separating the pair from the Royal family. Recently, one of the closest friends of Harry anonymously gave a Frank interview to The Telegraph in which he said that he misses the old life. Namely, the part that connected with the army.

So, the Duke was forced to abandon several military appointments as part of his deal with the Queen. Besides, now he’s not allowed to interact with the army as he used to.

Friend admitted that Prince Harry has not once complained that at one point “his life was turned upside down”. And added: “He told my friends that still can’t believe what happened. He was happy when he served in the army, then he met Megan, and since then, his life was perfect. But I don’t think he foresaw that everything would turn out this way.”

It seems my longing for the military life does not deny himself Harry. Recently, he shared that he plans to raise baby Archie in military tradition, and also announced his new project — the platform for maintaining the moral health of women and soldiers.


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