HENRI: “I can advise is to stay Forward, since I left Arsenal”

Ex-forward of “Arsenal” Thierry Henry shared his thoughts on the possible departure of striker Pierre-Emerick of the Forward from the London club.

“Everyone will do what I must. Can’t advise someone to stay because I left the “Arsenal”.

The Arsenal fans want him to stay, but as a player, he will evaluate the situation together with his family, father and decide what’s best.

He has his own career, I don’t know what’s on his mind. All I know is we’re going to miss his goals if he leaves. He scores a lot, and without his goals Arsenal would be hard.

I don’t want him to leave, but, on the other hand, he has his own life, and maybe he needs to see something new. Who knows, I hope he will stay,” said Henri.

In the current season on account of the Forward of 20 goals in 32 matches for Arsenal in all competitions. The forward contract with Arsenal expires in the summer of 2021.

Earlier it was reported that the Forward claim “Barcelona” and “Manchester United”.

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