Headset Ghost Pacer will create a partner for training in augmented reality

Sport is about overcoming your weaknesses and implementation of new achievements, but if you have no one to look up to, no one to compete, the interest and exercise performance plummeting. To remedy this situation, the startup Ghost Pacer has developed a virtual opponent on the run, which competes with the user in augmented reality, while he runs in this. And it’s not the equivalent of a carrot before the donkey’s nose – the digital avatar can behave very clever.

Headset Ghost Pacer was conceived as a very simple sport accessory, so its computational power is low. On the other hand, it is possible to place all the details in the case of regular sunglasses, maximum weight only 90 grams. The integrated battery works for six hours and charged per hour. Glasses create a virtual screen with 1280 x 720 resolution and a viewing angle of 30 degrees. More and not have a digital rival runs directly in front of the user.

The picture of the virtual runner is no different cinematic quality, but when the athlete is focused only on movement, it’s even a plus. The avatar can run at a given pace, it is possible to select the route, time of race, etc. to Overtake are quite realistic – for example, if you record and play back your previous race, to improve the result. And when you connect to the application Vimazi RunCrush avatar will learn to change the pace at different stages of the route.

All races and competitions can be recorded and synchronized with the service Strava to get the data from there and customize an avatar, for example, the style of running a real athlete from a faraway country – to compete much more interesting. Currently raising funds to launch the headset in production, the developers have already received three times more of the amount requested. On sale Ghost Pacer will be available in July 2021 at a price of $199 for the regular model and $219 for the Pro version.

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