“He says that children will have a new mother”: the former wife of Vladimir Ostapchuk shocked by the details of their separation

The network does not stop to discuss the divorce Helena Voichenko and Vladimir Ostapchuk. The next wave of debate and criticism of TV presenter sparked a new statement to his ex-wife, which she did in the TV show “Ranok z with Ukraine”. So, the woman commented on the fact that I must pass a psychological evaluation at the request of the former husband.

“I have no way to refuse, as it is an official inquiry and I must do it. Of course, I am willing to go. Vladimir is his desire voiced at the beginning of the quarantine. He has long said that Emilia will be a new mother to Evan, he these points are not discussed. Says the new mom will be better. Of course, I protest against such an opinion. Apparently, Vladimir wants to prove this through examination”, — said Elena.

TV presenter already managed to comment on the statement of his wife to reporters LifeStyle 24

“I can call in one word — slander. I think mom’s children have only one and it is the best! Point”, — said Vladimir.

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