“He pulled a gun and pointed at me and my fan” Regina Todorenko shocked by the story about past relationships

Not so long ago in the network there was a scandal with Regina Todorenko in the title role, which in one of his interviews correctly spoke against women survivors of domestic violence and have the confidence to talk about it publicly. After the anchor apologized for his words and directed his own film about the victims of domestic violence, all proceeds from the monetization of which will be directed to the funds to combat this problem.

But recently, the star gave his first interview after the scandal publication Meduza. In his conversation with journalist Katerina Gordeeva Regina spoke about how in the age of 20 she was in a relationship with the aggressor.

“I was a young man who really made me jealous. By the way, this is one of the signs that a person is able in the future to use violence. Now, he was jealous of me to all: to post, to the chair… it would be easier if I was at home tied to the battery — only then, I think he would be quiet. As we walked, and I was approached by a fan who asked to be photographed. At my young man took the guy’s phone and pulled out the gun he had with him weapons pointed at us and said, “So, you get away from it, and here you are stood up quickly,” admitted Todorenko.

Then, according to Regina, she took this behavior for granted, and now can’t imagine what would have happened to her if she remained in the relationship.

“Now I know that there are foundations that help to get away from the aggressor, help to deal with it. And, of course, it is important to make this man no longer had the ability to hurt anyone,” — said TV presenter.

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