Have Raw football waboose uroczyste vrucina D-diploma of the UAF

On July 25, the Raw football waboose uroczyste vrucina predstavnicima the UAF, Perche VCE-presidents Asian Anatol In anenka that Vadim Kostjuchenko, diploma D the listener, that uspcn held the course of learning.

Nstituto soccer UAF that nofws spline s Ukraïnskoyu Asias football provodilsya the learning for the program “D-diploma the UAF”.

Navchannya stesnyatsya distancing, iz vikoristannyam suchasnih zasobu contact’yazku. Regonal Asian delegable in quality candidat on progoganda rate their predstavnik, that next took place Vdovin pubudu.

Nagado, scho Mehta navchalna programs include in course “D-diploma the UAF” yea:

— zabezpechennya qualla preparation respectively to vimoh UFA for trainers, yaki pratsyuyut have futbol z groups poczatkowo fields of study;

— paviment rune knowledge, UMN qualit trainers, yaki pratsyuyut iz ditco-junckie teams of pochatkova Vukovich categories.

Anatoly Dem, Yanenko (purshia VCE-President of the UAF): “First of all hotw bi you privtate. From you now bagato chogo Buda of saleeite — Yak our young prostatite to razvivaetsya. Most importantly, abi hloptsi progressively was Dasavali high rvna was grali in our top clubs, “Dinamo” y “Shakhtar” and potim porownywanie Lavi zbro national of Ukraine”.

Vadim Kostyuchenko (purshia VCE-President of the UAF): “Mi duzhe rag baciti you at our Raw football. Want peredati Tanna from the President of the UAF Andre the Pavelka the head coach of Ukraine national zbro Andre Shevchenko.

Bajan you sniti have futbol dwellers vashi vihovanec prosilica krzi Terni to star dwellers VI were placed before them nivis CL, and the stench was h Dasavali. In front of you with her butt junacko zbro Ukraine U-20, Yak became the champion of the world from the year 2019, the national zbro butt, Yak vigrala in Chinna champion of the continent, Portugal scho permitted I directly of Viti Cup Vropy.

Unfortunately, at a time, if povinn Buli prohoditi versalen match Euro 2020, talasa Bida — pandemic coronavirus. Futbolniy Svit Ter iz zy struggling with korobow, the club th futbolli doomgate physicians. Odnu s Peremoga over Vroom became vbnewline campanati, has odnu Peremoga — rsena dozvoliti czastkowo prisutnosti oubaali on games of the Premier League. That mi are Robit we will all mozliwe dwellers nezabarom in the stands Buli prison more than 25% oubaali. Mi wrimo scho on grah national zbro in us bude hot Patrika in the stands.

Hotw bi skazati, scho TSE CCB our first project of such format, I hocheTsTsa you in scho taqiy neprosti hour VI smugly to sniti features of ottimati higher education distancing, and now you can peredati VI TSI knowledge of vehemency help our defenders. Maibutnyogo mi prodajemo pracowali in this napramku.

Infrastructure, Yak target in our country on ciogodnichnyu day, and TSE bilshe dvoh tisyach maydanchik zi will stochsim pokrittya, pobutovih for ostanni technology — we daє Nadia scho TSI on the marketplace priduce not only majbutn futbolli and majbutn professionals. Bajan you dwellers VI behovely such futbolistu, Yak Andriy Yarmolenko, Oleksandr Sinchenko, Yevgen Konoplyanka…”

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