Harsh physics: what will be like a trip to another planet

Popular science YouTube channel called “the Action Lab” published a review with video examples of how gravity on different planets would affect the earth’s mechanisms. For intuitive visualization they took the model of a conventional pickup truck with the engine which is engineered for movement on the surface of the Earth, acceleration of free fall is 9.8 g. And built several simulations in the program BeamNG.drive.

The main issue rides on the planet the size of Jupiter will be increased force of gravity, which will put pressure on the car. It will still retain the ability to move, but all maneuvers will perform significantly slower. Conversely, when driving on the moon every turn will become a trap, as a small force of gravity will create the risk of large drifts, and in General the execution time of the maneuvers will increase.

The most interesting looks of a hypothetical trip around the Sun. There, upon activation in the simulation of the corresponding parameters of gravity, the car just turns into a stain pressed into the metal surface. Trying to give gas lead to higher stresses in the design of the machine and she literally falls to pieces. Yet the Sun – the great cosmic body, gravity which is much larger than the earth.

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