Greetings from the past: how love notes from brad pitt broke Jennifer aniston and Justin Theroux

If you closely followed the divorce of Jennifer aniston and brad pitt, then just remember how hard it was given to the actress. For a long time, the star could not forget ex-wife to forgive him for cheating with Angelina Jolie. However, after a while Jen still met my new soulmate — Justin Theroux — and remarried.

It would seem that in these respects everything was rosy. But in fact, the actor was upset that his wife still associated with pitt, and he himself is often compared to a Hollywood sex symbol. The last straw for Theroux, according to insiders, began the old love notes brad that Jennifer kept after the divorce.

“They were something in the spirit of “You look great today” or “I miss you”. Jennifer tried to convince Justin that they don’t mean anything, but he wouldn’t listen,” — said an anonymous source publication, the Mirror.

This finding, according to insiders, once again convinced Theroux that Jennifer aniston still has feelings for her ex-husband. From the moment their relationship began to deteriorate rapidly. Recall, the stars were married from 2017 to 2019.

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