Google will allow you to see the digital dinosaurs in his apartment

It’s one thing to read about the dinosaurs that roamed the Earth in ancient times, and quite another to see the giant reptile in their front yard. Google made a surprise move and added 10 dinosaurs in augmented reality the results of its search engine. The next time you want to Google who the Brachiosaurus or Pteranodon, you will be able to see how they looked in real life.

Google started adding digital animals in the results in the last year and have already collected a considerable collection of cats, Scorpions, bears, tigers and other animals. Now they were joined by a brood of dinosaurs, each of which was designed by designers for mobile games in augmented reality a virtual World Alive.

A list of available dinosaurs includes Tyrannosaurus, VelociRaptor, Triceratops, spinosaurus, stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Ankylosaurus of the dilophosaurus, a Pteranodon and parasaurolophus.

Dinosaur models will automatically scale to fit in any space – even your living room. However, technology scaling, Google has already generated a lot of jokes because of their tendency to incorrectly identify the parameters of the available room. This gave rise to life of a giant duck and a giant king penguins, trampling people’s homes.

Due to hardware limitations, not all smartphones or tablets will allow you to see digital animals. In the case of Android you will need a device that supports ARCore, and the owners of gadgets from Apple will need iOS version 11 and older. If you are happy obladatelem one of these devices – just type the name of the dinosaur from the list in the Google app, iOS, Chrome, or any browser on Android.

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