Google Stadia can now be used with the cellular communication

Soon, a cloud-based game streaming service Google Stadia will be available for users of compounds 4G and 5G. Not to be unfounded, the Internet giant offered to all who wish to participate in testing new features.

Feature can connect, downloading the app Stadia on the phone and then click on your avatar, then switch to the settings menu in the section “Experiments”.

Since the launch of the service last year, it can be used over the cellular connection only with special bindings. Unlike Stadia, its competitor Microsoft Project xCloud offers users streaming mobile communication from the first connection.

Evaluation of the resource 9to5Google, when connected to the mobile communication Stadia will consume about 2.7 GB/hour. For comparison, streaming 720p over Wi-Fi requires about 4.5 GB/hour.

The lack of detailed information from Google about the work of streaming from mobile devices raises many questions among potential users updated Google Stadia, so they have to be patient and wait for the test results.

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