Google Lookout help blind people to recognize products and to read the documents

For the first time Google has launched an app for the visually impaired in 2019. It allows the blind and people with very low vision to navigate the world with your smartphone – but before it was only available on phones Pixel and supported only the English language. Now the company has added support for French, Italian, Spanish and German languages, as well as two new modes. In addition, the app has drastically expanded the list of supported Android devices.

The first of the new modes is called the Food Label. It helps the user to recognize the product in the package – just point the camera at the title. With it, Lookout can, for example, to distinguish a jar of canned corn from cans of green peas.

The second mode is called the Scan Document. It allows you to take a picture of any letter or document, decrypt it and read to the user aloud. Several improvements of the algorithm allow to scan large amounts of text. Due to this, using Lookout, for example, to read the book and scanning it a page at a time.

The big advantage of the upgraded Lookout was the fact that now he’s not tied exclusively to their own phones Google Pixel. You can download the app from the Play Store on any Android smartphone that has more than 2 GB of memory and Android OS 6.0 and above.

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