Goal Milevsky not saved Dinamo Brest from defeat BATE

While in Germany, only beginning to return to the usual pace of internal competition, the Belarusian Vysshaya Liga have already rushed to seal the calendar. The final of the national Cup, which will play the two best teams in the country at the end of last season: Dinamo Brest and BATE Borisov, has made adjustments to the calendar of the tenth round of the championship. So, the same owners of the sports complex “Brest” and “yellow-blue” had become the only pair of teams that had to play in the middle of the reporting week.

Warm-up before the biggest game of the weekend for Belarus was under the control of the hotel. BATE did not give the ball to the opponents from the first minute and have adequately acted in the positional attacks. “Dynamo” the beginning not to keep up with opponents in the Central zone by the middle of the first half, when the warnings were two of the player Sergey Kovalchuk: Noyok and Kislyak.

Rude the actions of the Ukrainian midfielder became a logical reaction to the 31 th minute of the situation on the football field. The guests took the lead efforts of the Dragoons, who won Noika positional struggle when a corner from the right flank, after that head shot into the near corner of the goal Pavlyuchenko, who did not go on risky intercept in the standard.

To save his team in an important match relied most famous player. Milevsky single-handedly dealt with the transfer of Savitsky in the centre of the penalty area shortly before the departure of the teams at the break, which allowed Brest to hold a fifteen minute pause with thoughts on further continuation of the struggle. Other ways to eliminate the gap in the standings is simply impossible.

However, the second half of the meeting was held under regular control from the side of Borisov. BATE did not need to raise the degree of confrontation, even in those moments when it seemed that the opponents were beginning to seize the initiative, and confident game in front of goal provided to wards Kirill Alshevsky comfortable cut at the end of the match.

Sawicki, on pair with Milevskiy was unable to send the ball into an empty net during one of the attacks in the middle of the second half, after that Dinamo missed a ridiculous ball from the unsuccessful transfer of Pavlyuchenko Nastica of lumbago from the left flank, after which Nekhaychik finished into an empty net. In the final ten minutes made itself felt freshness in the legs, substitute Milicia, Podbelskogo a line under a disastrous home match Brest vs main rival in the championship.

After the final game of the Cup of Belarus between these teams, which will be held at the stadium “Dynamo” in the capital, “Dinamo” Brest nominally the guest expects the Derby against the “movement” of what “blue-white”, city and BATE at home will take “Isloch”.

Belarusian Vysshaya Liga. 10-th round.

Dinamo Brest – FC BATE Borisov 1:3

Milevsky, 40 Dragoons, 31, Nekhaychik, 73, Milich, 81

Kislyak, 4, Noyok, 36, Pavlovets, 48, Sawicki, 53, Laptev, 90+3 – Filipenko, 38, Skavysh, 55

Dinamo Brest: Pavlyuchenko – Vitus, Pavlovets, Kiki, Yuzepchuk – Noyok (Sadowski, 85), Kislyak – Sawicki, Milevsky (Bulls, 74), Gordeychuk (Krivets, 66) – Laptev.

BATE: Chichkan – nastych, Filipenko, Volkov, A. filipowicz – Dragoons, Yablonsky, Baga (Willumsen, 69) – Nekhaychik (milich, 77), Skavysh, Stasevich (Immortal, 84).

Referee: Alexey Kulbakov (Gomel, Belarus).

Stadium: The Sports Complex “Brest” (Brest, Belarus).

Shots (on target): 16 (6) – 15 (13)
Angular: 5 – 12


Temperature: 12°C

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