“Goal!”: how about football I tried to remove blockbuster

The sport was put on pause in the world, but that is no reason to forget about it. In a time when we are all locked in four walls, it’s time to reconsider, or rediscover for themselves good movies, including about sport. We continue our rubric “Kinosport”.

In 2005 year the event has taken place, which could become a milestone for the football industry: in rolling out the film “Goal!”. Of course, he was not the first and not the last film about soccer, even for Hollywood, but from all other it was characterized by one simple word: scale.

Adidas has invested in the film 50 million dollars. The scenes were filmed Beckham, Raul and Zidane – almost the three main stars of that time. The film includes fragments of real match “Newcastle” and “Liverpool” and the emergence of the individual second, people like Steven Gerrard and Alan Shearer looked almost normal thing so legendary value surrounded on the screen Santiago Munoz.

Sam Munoz is a typical enemy of Donald trump. The son of illegal immigrants from Mexico loves football, unstoppable in training and after working as a dishwasher in Los Angeles in a hurry to the platform where nailed goal after goal. So, most likely, he would have done all my life, if not once caught the eye of former player of “Newcastle,” which came to the USA on business. He takes Santiago under his wing and does everything that a player took place at the level of the Premier League.

The prototype of the movie was the last season, when Newcastle could consider themselves a top club. This is the season 03/04, when Alan Shearer in a typical robot style put 22 goals, Shay given parried everything and more – when only the series with no wins in the last four rounds were deprived of “forty” in the Champions League. In the last round, the magpies played at home against Liverpool – and, given the problems at the finish, the theoretical trust of the coach to the aspiring understudy even seem to be justified.

In General, the basic components of football – matches, training sessions, scrimmages – the “Goal!” all at least good. I want to say, “no Wonder, with such resources,” but in General, the world saw hundreds of movies with the budget of a lot more “golovskoy” 33 million, which the sport has been shown a hundred times worse. In the matches show not only goals, but also tackles, in them that surpasses the performance and “St James Park” explodes after the heads of the players, “Newcastle”.

A big success for the producers was to negotiate a partnership with Newcastle. Before that they were in negotiations with Liverpool, who in his typical haughty manner of the early noughties refused to get free PR for the film but it was for the best. Newcastle live with a single command, if this city is really easy to imagine a situation where spree night striker Gavin Harris hears in his address insults from passers-by, and every match is really for the city the main event of the weekend. Even Liverpool, with its division into “red” and “blue” would fit for this purpose worse.

By the way, the first choice for producer of red steel for a reason. Mike Jeffries was born in Liverpool, is a fan of the club so far and, in his own words, came up with the idea of a feature film about football after the incredible UEFA Cup final with “alavesa” (5:4 with a Golden goal in overtime). It was directed by Danny cannon, who was then at the height of fame: the TV series “C. S. I.: crime scene investigation”, on which he worked, has broken all records of popularity.

In the “goal!” is quite interesting shows the relationships of players within the team. One hero – age stand-in, who understands that he has no real chance of returning to the first team, so that not only growls at Muniesa; the other player-major, which seems to be good, but can not imagine my life without violations of the regime; Sam Munoz is a modest young man with a dream. Newcastle, like any other team, though real, though “on-screen” – an attempt of synergy of different characters, and in this case it is reminiscent of a typical English team-the gang alive the British spirit regardless of the number of foreign players.

There is also a line of “player-coach”: for example, Munoz initially tries to make the result alone, and the wise coach teaches his team the game. “The ball moves faster than any player,” says the film version of Bobby Robson, which is in England almost a religious respect.

And in a “goal!” in a series of fictional characters fancy glued real. Young Munoz is compared with Jermain Defoe, which in 2005 year was a rising star, began to play for Tottenham and England. Is Harris out Shola Ameobi, who will perform between the bench and the hospital “forty” almost half a decade. The winning goal for Newcastle in one of the matches scored Patrick Kluivert (here he got to England), and Shearer appears in the highlights almost as a deity, Newcastle and Newcastle. And rightly so: Shearer 260 goals in the EPL will not be beaten, apparently, no one has ever, and most of them Alan put it in black and white t-shirt.

In such films, there is always the dilemma: to learn to play football actor, or simply to play – player. Cannon with Jeffreys went on the first path and took the lead role of Kuno Becker, a young Mexican actor, who is slowly and painfully taught the game former footballer Andy Ansah. Becker in the preparation broke both (!) ankle, but eventually was able to learn some tricks, and played the role exactly that great of a dribbler.

And anyway, in many elements the creators of “Goal!” and tried, as the creators of these blockbusters. For a moment the scene with the stars Raoul flew to London from Madrid, Zidane from Paris, but Beckham is from Manchester. Kuno Becker held in Newcastle four months: how long it took to clear all of the football scenes. Movies about hooligans or football underground is, of course, interesting, but nice, collection of football paintings have something as rich as the Champions League.

Now let’s think about why “Goal!” failed at the box office and could not beat the fee even “bend it like Beckham”. With 33 million budget, the film has collected 27 million – it is clear that thanks to Adidas, who scored a product placement literally every second of the film, appeared on the second and third parts, but in General, it is not surprising that to shoot football in a big way after this in Hollywood did not.

Of course, the first reason is related to the inflection of all the possible sticks in separate elements. It’s all too easy going in the life of Munoz: the son of an illegal migrant flows into the club in the Premier League, as a home. He does not interfere with either no caps, no obvious problems with the documents or the gap between the level at which he played, and the level at which hit. Hyperbole, of course, part of art, but in “goal!” had the same problem that arose in many in the second part of “the Matrix”: sometimes just stop to take a picture as reality, to treat a hero as a person of flesh and blood.

But there is a larger reason, which prevented the brainchild cannon and Jeffries to become a blockbuster. How would the producers and marketers tried to force us to forget about it, but the movie is still one of the arts. A “Goal!”, with all the spectacular scenes, from the art very far.

“Goal!” – a movie-Burger. This is a picture in which, it seems, and the actors try, and the plot does not SAG, and bright scenes enough… But all this to such an extent forgettable and standard, which is absolutely not surprising, why, after Teresita Munoz in Hollywood refused blockbusters to the most popular game in the world.

The main character is so kind, sincere and well-mannered, surprisingly, why he became a football player, not a monk. Munoz actually grew up in the slums – why is he even drinking in the evenings, in a country where you do it all, and does not respond to rudeness with rudeness? Not just even in the narrow stratum of the fans of “Gol!” more like dolt Harris – though he is extremely monotone, but at least not like the icon. And here are cardboard characters, which can be described in one or two words, in the film the most. Coach – wise mentor, the main character’s father is a tyrant, rivals on the field – blunt butchers…

The Munoz did not have the slightest chance to score at the moment when it came to the penalty in the last minute of the last match. It was a stamp level “main anti-hero of the gunman holding at gunpoint of the main character and for a long time talking to him instead of away.” As, of course, the leadership of the “real” had no other options gain early in the second movie, except the guy who scored two goals and gave one assist for Newcastle.

Take the history of the two players. Player a grew up in poverty and retained the features of almost Holy player B also grew up in poverty and was, for example, a suspended sentence for what he stood up for a friend with disabilities. Player a immediately gets into a top club of England, player B is forced over the years to banging goals at the level of the fifth League to get a chance at least in the championship. Player a refuses to have fun in a night club, and player B were mixed vodka with Scittles and used the name of the President of the club as a test for alcohol. For player A, the peak being in the “Real world”, and for player B – the championship in the composition of the provincial team, which about this before the season even dreamed of.

Why absolutely real Jamie Vardy has a much more incredible and interesting biography, which never existed Santiago Munez? Jeffries in some unknown way, got the idea to make a film about football after the match ended with the score 5:4, but managed to pull off simultaneously banal and unrealistic movie. An amazing combination, but not surprisingly, after films about Munoz he didn’t actually succeed in anything.

Maybe we all should be offended that the idea of “Goal!” is not burned out, and now we have no real chance to see a film about soccer with conditional DiCaprio in the title role. But from the point of view of sense of beauty is very true that the film was not a blockbuster. Sooner or later, so banal films about sports were annoying – as well as sooner or later uninteresting to the audience was to be the militants with Steven Seagal.

Episode: “The Goal!”
Genre: sports drama
Year: 2005
Sports: football
Stars: Alan Shearer, Ronaldo, David Beckham, Raul
Evaluation Of “Kinosport”: 5/10

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