Glamos tiny device creates an invisible touch screen in any place

Immigrants from Samsung launched a startup Glamos, which is able to revolutionize the field of sensor interfaces. Using lidar technology, the device creates an invisible sensitive screen reacting to interference in their actions. If the interference is recognized as a control gesture, Glamos transmits the corresponding command to the underlying device.

Glamos technology solves two important tasks. First, no need to create expensive and complicated touch coating for displays with huge diagonals. On the contrary, they can bring back the old reliable glass or ponepinto to make resistant to damage. Second, it solves the issue of contamination because the user literally “moves fingers in the air,” in fact, nowhere touching. This is useful if your hands are in flour or paint, and it is necessary to scroll through the instructions on the screen.

Glamos scans the area in the same plane, with the angle of view of 180 degrees. The gadget can be placed vertically or horizontally to attach prior to actual display or just put on the table a few feet away from the screen. The device operates with a frequency of 40 Hz (i.e., 40 FPS – approx. ed Techcult), which actually becomes an extension of your mouse or fingers – the amount of delay is not perceived by man.

The cost of one module Glamos for those who support startups, will be $129. It is expected that the first batch will ship in August of this year.

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