Germany led the Council of the European Union

From 1 July Germany will lead the Council of the European Union. About it said on the website of the EU Council.

The German presidency will last until December 31. During this period, it will have a big impact on shaping the agenda in the EU Council.

Now the main priorities in their work, Germany has determined the overcoming of the pandemic COVID-19, combating the spread of the virus, the European economy in the restoration and strengthening social cohesion in Europe.

In early June the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba said that Ukraine will work with Germany during its rule in the EU Council is over, to continue to bond with the European Union.

The Council of the EU is one of the two legislative bodies of the European Union. It includes 27 Ministers, one from each of the governments of the member States of the European Union. Every six months the Council of the EU is changing the dominant country that needs to cooperate closely with the two countries for establishing long-term goals and joint agenda. They are called “three”. Now this triad includes Germany, Portugal and Slovenia.

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