Germany has asked the U.S. Congress not to reduce military presence

The Prime Ministers of four German States addressed members of the U.S. Congress with a request to block plans for the withdrawal of American troops from Germany. About it July 19, reports Reuters.

The heads of the governments of Bavaria, Hesse, Baden-württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate, where based database of the United States, has sent letters to 13 members of Congress, including senators MITT Romney and Jim Inhofe.

In their letters they asked the congressmen to support them as they “seek to break the bonds of friendship and to strengthen it and to provide in the future, the US presence in Germany and Europe.”

Also in his address, the premiere said that the US forces in their land form the basis of the US presence in Europe and NATO’s capacity to act.

In early June it became known that the President of the United States Donald trump is planning to reduce the number of American troops in Germany on the 9500 – to 25 thousand people. Foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas said that such actions would not meet the interests of the United States.

June 25, trump announced that the military, which will withdraw from Germany, was transferred to Poland.

Trump not once criticized the allies for the lack of funding NATO. He argued that Germany pays contributions equal to 1% of its GDP, and US 4%. In 2018, the American President threatened to withdraw from the Alliance.

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