Germany finally banned “treatment” of homosexuality

June 5, representation of the Federal States of Germany, the Bundesrat, approved on Friday a law banning so-called reparative therapy, which announced the goal of changing the sexual preference of a person towards heterosexuality. It is reported “German wave”.

The procedures to “cure” homosexuality could be punished with a prison term of up to one year, and advertising and intermediation – a fine of up to €30 thousand

After the publication of the law will come into force, then will be punished by medical and other measures aimed at the deliberate alteration or suppression of sexual orientation, primarily in juveniles, and for adults, if it is based on deception, withholding information about risks or coercion. In this case, the punishment shall be as those who offer such services, and parents and guardians who send children to respect them.

According to estimates by the German Foundation Magnus Hirschfeld, who is against discrimination of homosexuals and transsexuals, in Germany, annually made more than 1000 attempts to influence the identity of the person. According to the Foundation, these attempts are being made not only by doctors, psychologists and psychotherapists, but also representatives of churches and religious communities.

In early may, the Bundestag passed a bill providing for imprisonment for up to one year for a “cure” from homosexuality.

In 2018 in Germany adopted a law, according to which documents other than male and female you can specify and the third “other”.

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