Gerber has released a working Prybrid Utility knife with seven built-in tools

The company has developed a new Gerber knife Prybrid Utility by adding seven additional devices, and they all neatly fit into a compact handle.

Length Prybrid Utility – 10.8 cm, width – 3,17 cm, weight – 82 grams. The knife is designed for use as a multifunctional tool. On the one hand it is a standard retractable blade, and with another – a variety of mounting fixtures, in particular, to remove the nails, Stripping wires and unscrewing bolts. In addition to these built-in handle hook knife.

Gerber also offers a smaller version of the knife – Prybrid X. Having the same functionality as the Prybrid Utility, it is cheaper and comes with a lanyard from paracord wrapped around the handle for a solid grip.

Prybrid Utility costs 25, and Prybrid X – $ 23.

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