Gang-watering Putin is doing everything right. Based on their interests – a criminal, immoral and deadly for Russia. Just clever

A proof of the contrary.

Suppose that we are dealing with a civilized legal administration, concerned about the future of Russia. No need to yell at me. I say, let’s say! Theoretically, in the framework of the exercises on logic…

And here they are, these legitimate beautiful people, sleepless nights for our good, planned to make the Constitution 206 changesto bring it already to diamond Shine. Suggested? Well, you have imagination.

Now attention, a question! Why make a good thing in a hurry, in the midst of a pandemic, placing the ears of the electoral law and staging a week-long, extraordinary in all respects, the military field exercises? We lived with this Constitution for almost 30 years – why would not to wait another three months?

What chance for the fever, the citizens? The enemy near Moscow? Want to catch up to the asteroid? Why not wait for the fall, and not to discuss during this time calmly 206 amendments, not to weigh every word? Not Sudoku, after all, the Basic law…

Suddenly we 154 the amendments will take, and 52 – do not want? And why not to vote for it all in a single autumn day, specifically allocated for this purpose? Where this nerve and unbecoming vanity? What these convulsions of the bunker, why again to pull Panfilov, not otmyvka from the past of shame? Why to harness new athletes and artists? They face anymore. What is all this?

The answer: for nothing.

Under that proposed Putin cares about Russians – or Fig for none of it. It is impossible even to invent even the slightest plausible explanation.

But within another task – to stay in power for life – all this fussy fraud suddenly looks completely organic, and the insane becomes rational features. Even more: if you put yourself in the place of this gang-watering, you will have to agree: it’s the way to go!

…There were four, but they decided to crank it fast and unceremoniously to take. (They are usually called “Putin all beat”.) And then intervened in the case of coronavirus, coupled with, efforts Sechin, another collapse of the economy. But turning back was not there: Tereshkova in the opposite direction will not start. And by the fall it is unclear what will happen to the economy and ochnuvshis the rating of the ruling rogue, the guarantor of their right to steal with impunity. Crimea voters is not happy, and hell they know how to vote, and to falsify with observers at polling much, much harder…

And the coronavirus can make public control impossible. You can clean up the country from protesters for sanitary and epidemiological grounds and quickly pull this off. Yes, a shame of course, shame obvious, but West of us – have cut us off, and tanks not afraid of dirt.

And 200 of these amendments – the usual smokescreen for those two or three that will not go away from power, so there is nothing to discuss…

In short: they do it right! Based on their interests – a criminal, immoral and deadly for Russia. Just clever.

Source: Viktor Shenderovich / Facebook

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