Game Kana Quest will teach you to understand traditional Japanese characters

Due to pandemic quarantine computer games (very popular at any time) are now experiencing an unprecedented surge of interest. Fortunately, the choice of game content is great – but what if you want to play not only entertained, but also gave food for the mind? Pay attention to the game, like Kana Quest, which uses the original training system of Japanese hieroglyphic writing.

Game Kana Quest will help you to master hiragana and katakana, the two basic Kana characters based on the Japanese writing system. The game features 300 puzzles for each of them. The main task – to acquaint the player with the majority of hieroglyphs-syllables and give an intuitive understanding of how they fit together. This is the basis of all tasks that need the right way to combine tile-hieroglyphics, to solve the puzzle.

Unlike Kana Quest from their counterparts in large-scale use of game elements, when the player needs to see and recognize solutions to tactical situations. For example, sliding tiles, which move along the row of characters and can be linked to several of them, but what better to choose? Or tiles, according to the rules of the alphabet change the value of those characters which connect, and therefore cannot be put in one pile.

Of course, just playing in Kana Quest and decided even a couple of hundred puzzles, you begin to write or speak Japanese. But inscriptions with hieroglyphs cease to look like something abstract, you will learn how to understand them and improve your level of language literacy.

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