Gadget Rewind We Are reviving the good old cassette players

Vinyl, seemingly irretrievably lost in the past, experienced a “second birth” in the hands of DJs. According to the businessman Romain Budrach and its partners, good old cassette player no less worthy of reincarnation is true, in light of modern technological realities.

To create the device We Are Rewind command Badruka inspired watching the nostalgic films of the 80-ies and TV series like Guardians of the Galaxy and Stranger Things.

We Are Rewind’s about the same size and shape as the earlier version of Sony Walkman with push-button control. Like them, the modern player plays cassettes in stereo.

From the twenty-first century We Are Rewind “got” all aluminum case and Bluetooth with which you can play your music through a third party speaker or wireless headphones.

Unlike most cassette players of the 80-ies, We Are Rewind can also be used to record music on blank cassette. And instead of replaceable AA batteries it is powered by internal lithium battery. A single charge lasts for 10 hours.

Buy We Are Rewind on Kickstarter, donating about $ 100. Its retail price will be $ 145.

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