Funny robot BB-8 from Sphero will soon transform into the terrible police

The Sphero company dedicated to creating toys of robots like BB-8, announced the expansion plans. The company intends to use the AI to redesign their robots into assistants for emergency services, government, military and “those who work in dangerous situations.” And though there are no words that will collect Sphero robots for the police, did not hear, it seems that the company intends to move in that direction.

In recent years, Sphero has already released to the market four million robots, including miniature programmable robot-tanks that got good reviews for his mobility. Although they are still used for making music, not for safety of citizens.

Not surprisingly, Sphero sees a future in the military direction in the field of emergency response. Request for military robotization certainly has: the US is actively testing Spot robot from Boston Dynamics for the regulation of social order, and the British military use robots to neutralize bombs. In addition, Sphero admitted that making toys is not so profitable. In 2018 the company had to reduce a significant number of jobs after a disappointing season sales and to stop the issue of license bots Disney – BB-8 and R2-D2.

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