Fund Black Lives Matter in the United States accidentally received more than $4 million in donations. To the same anti-racist movement, he has nothing

The employees of Apple, Google and Microsoft have collected millions of dollars to Fund Black Blacks Matter, believing that an international movement for racial justice and against the tyranny of law enforcement officers. It turned out that the Fund stands for “convergence of society and police”, said the investigation by BuzzFeed.

As journalists found out, the Foundation was registered in 2015, a music producer from Los Angeles by Robert Barnes. He has confirmed that he has no relation to the eponymous anti-racist movement movement and even claimed that the activists stole his name.

However, the Foundation that actually supports the fight against racism is almost identical to the Black Lives Matter Global Network. It was registered in Delaware in 2017, journalists found out.

Barnes refused to tell reporters what the amount of donations received its Foundation during the activation of anti-racist sentiment in the United States. In the Declaration for 2017 indicated a figure of $300 thousand.

However, his organization is listed on multiple online platforms to raise funds. The head of one of them Benevity – Brian de Lottinville told reporters that the accounts of the Fund from 31 may to 5 June, has received about $4 million from employees of Apple, Google, Microsoft and Dropbox.

Black Lives Matter – international movement of activists against violence against the black population. Organizes protests and demonstrations in connection with the killings by police on duty, police violence, racial discrimination in the legal system of the United States.

The phrase “Black Lives Matter” became the slogan of the protesters in the United States in connection with the death of the African-American George Floyd, he died during a brutal arrest by police in Minneapolis, when one of the police officers almost 10 minutes, I crushed his neck with his knee to the ground. According to the examination, Floyd died of strangulation.

The patrol suspected Floyd that he paid with a fake $ 20 bill. After the death of African Americans across the country began protests.

On may 29, police officer Derek Shovina, who used a rear naked choke against Floyd, was arrested. 3 Jun charges forward and his three colleagueswho participated in the arrest.

Because of the unrest, the authorities took the decision to bring the national guard to suppress protests in several cities.

In clashes in nine States, killed 11 people, among them – both police and demonstrators.

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