Fugitive Russian businessman Pugachev published a photo of Putin’s daughters

Left Russia a former friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin was businessman Sergei Pugachev has published on its website, the family pictures, which, in particular, pointed out to daughters of the head of the Kremlin.

This “Open media” drew attention on June 23.

“Childhood friendship is forever. Alexander Pugachev, Catherine and Maria Putin, Viktor [Pugachev], 2000” signed, in particular, one of the photos.

On her and on several other frames taken of a girl like Katerina Tikhonov and Maria Vorontsov, which the media called Putin’s daughters. The head of the Kremlin publicly yet recognize their own relatives.

Photos from Putin’s daughters taken in the Kremlin and in the house Pugacheva, indicated in the captions.

In 2011, Pugachev went to the UK in 2015 moved to France. Prior to that, he was friends with Putin, but left Russia after allegations of involvement in deliberate bankruptcy of Mezhprombank.

Katerina Tikhonova is the Director of “Inpractice”. For the first time that she could be the youngest daughter of Putin, media reported in January 2015. Russian journalist Oleg Kashin noted that Ekaterina Tikhonovna call your ex-mother-in-law of the President of the Russian Federation, the girl could have been named after her grandmother. Putin himself has never confirmed nor denied the relationship, citing security concerns. In October 2015, the Russian news Agency “Interfax” has published the first interview with Tikhonova. It about the relationships with the President of the Russian Federation said it was not. The employee of the Agency Yury Pogorely confirmed in Facebook that Tikhonova is Putin’s daughter do, but to talk with reporters, only agreed about the University and refused to be photographed.

The U.S. Treasury Department in April 2018 called Tikhonov daughter of Putinwhen he announced sanctions against some Russian businessmen and officials, among whom was her husband at the time Kirill Shamalov.

Maria Vorontsova (also known as Maria Faassen), according to the magazine The New Times, in 2011 he graduated from the faculty of fundamental medicine of Moscow state University. After the birth of her daughter defended her thesis on endocrinology topics.

In July 2019, “Russian service of the BBC” reported that Vorontsov was engaged in business – 2019 it is one of the founders of the joint-stock company “Nomeco”, which has invested 100 thousand rubles (about $1,500), which at the time of registration consistent with the proportion of 20%.

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