FRP has issued more than 10 billion rubles for production to combat coronavirus

At the end of March 2020, the industry development Fund has launched a new program “Combating epidemic diseases”. It focuses on the financing of companies producing equipment and products for the detection, prevention and treatment of epidemic diseases, as well as producing means of individual protection, drugs and medical devices.

For financing projects under the new program the Government has allocated FRP 10 billion.

“The work of the industry development Fund was reoriented for maximum support manufacturers of products aimed at dealing with the new coronavirus infection. So, it was decided to send all incoming FRP payments on previously issued loans and interest to financing of anti-epidemic projects in priority order”, – said the head of Ministry of industry and trade Denis Manturov.

“Currently, in the line of FRP approved approximately 50 loans for a total of 14.5 billion rubles. 30 projects have already received funding worth over 10 billion rubles. Thanks to these funds, many enterprises have increased their production volumes and began to produce necessary products”, – said Denis Manturov.

FRP is considering projects in an accelerated mode and in a simplified form. From financially stable companies is not required to provide “hard” collateral. This allowed to significantly reduce the time for preparation of documents and to quickly Fund the production.

“We are talking about the production of the most in demand products: rapid tests for the detection of coronavirus, ventilators, antiseptics, medical masks, PPE, antiviral medicines and imagers”, – commented the Director of the FRP Roman Petruta.

With the borrowing of FRP in the amount of 1.6 billion rubles, “the Ural instrument-making plant” 10 times to increase production of ventilators “AVENTA-M” and release more than 5 000 units by the end of may (15 000 units before the end of the year). In addition, the company of Moscow region “Interoko” thanks to the loan of 500 million rubles will produce more than 900 thousand breathing circuits and 3.5 million filters for medical ventilators. The use of disposable circuits is especially important given the large flow of patients.

“Plant Medsintez” in the Sverdlovsk region and the company pharmasyntez in Irkutsk region due to the FRP loans for a total volume of 1.2 billion will increase its production of antiviral drugs. These companies until the end of may will produce 1 million boxes of drugs.

Group of companies “Arnest” with the involvement of loans PDF by 1.3 billion will expand in the Tula region, Altai and Stavropol territories, the production of disinfectants aerosols and gels-antiseptics Septima. The companies plan to 2020 issued more than 33 million units means intended for quick disinfection of hands, air and surfaces.

With a loan of FRP 500 million rubles, the Moscow company “Motek-Mirai Genomics” started production of rapid tests for the diagnosis of various infectious diseases, including coronavirus infection (COVID-19). Technology allows 8 times to reduce the test time (from 4 hours to 30 minutes) while maintaining the high accuracy of the results. Thanks to the new tests, doctors will be able to promptly detect cases and isolate them at an early stage which will significantly reduce the risks of infection.

“Ramensky instrument engineering plant” of Moscow region has received a loan in the amount of 400 million rubles for the production of cleaning systems and air disinfection. Until the end of may will be made 7 000 such systems.

The company “vanguard” of the Leningrad region will increase the production of masks to 5 million pieces a day and antibacterial wipes to 1.6 million packs a day. Preferential loan of 500 million rubles will go towards the purchase of equipment and materials. In 2020, the company intends to release 630 million masks.

In the Tambov region due to loan of FRP in the amount of 489 million rubles on the production capacities of the Corporation Roskhimzaschita will be made 100 thousands of protective suits for physicians.

In the Ivanovo, Leningrad, Novosibirsk, Sverdlovsk, Tver oblasts, Perm Krai and the Republic of Tatarstan approved funding for a number of projects for the production of gauze, medical masks, safety glasses and disposable gloves for a total sum more than 1,4 billion roubles.

Given the high demand for the program FRP and efficient operation for transferring the funds to the enterprises, decided to make FRP an additional 30 billion rubles.

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