From wish-list: blagodijnij Fund vypustiv Good notebook, scho Nadia zminyuvati world

Blagodijnij Fund Club Dobrow pract Ogbeh presented a Good notebook. TSE — zapisnik, that Nadine you zminyuvati world for the better, and dopomozhe home takozh, scho opinios on mezhi vizhivannya pid hour pandem. The Good bloknot ti snides lustrac, actually about a’na koryst of Dobrich Ref, Dobri flmv, books that vystupu TED about good.

Torts Notepad perikanan scho kindness can procecute so very, Yak m IDE, that to Notepad uvisel right for quiet, hto Hoca the way dobrim and takozh 175 varants of Dobrich Ref on skin day. H can wykonujace at whether yakomu order that vddate zapisnik.

Also Seredin notebook ti snides quote Mark LUN, Oleksandr of Todoroki, I GRES, Olga Kudinenko, Katerini of Zagori, the Dmytro Sherembey, Tetany Griniova, So Lytvyn that Rini Gutsal — Ukrainian Ambassador good kotri patronale pract.

Good notebook — TSE beautiful method of potseti the their bliskich pid hour quarantine. After all, we’re not good catastrophe viscacha Novin that Dobrich ucinku. Besides, Naukova brought scho the fate of Dobrich the Ref viable endorfiny, snigu arterially tisk that riven cortisol is the hormone stres.

Ale TSE sche not all: the 40% from vartest Notepad PDE on Patrico Rodin, that has salicylici without zarobku through the pandemic. For TSI koshti Club Dobrow Prizba puconci s humancare DOPOMOGA. H deliver free of charge to single moms, inchworm dad, LTM opcenum the dad, yakih svilno ABO Yakima not viplachuvati sarobetsu fee through quarantine. TSE bratu , family from hunger that varie kids from internetno systems.

One iz pdopa Fund — Katherine. Won sorto I SDA smittya for dwellers of zerobyte for life sobi TA Donetz s nually. Ale after the company’s quarantine won’t Mauger paraplate, after zmuchena pogledati donku.

“My dytyna shelina to hvorob I got slabkiy mounted. Have SCN 2020 rock won sowore on grip and trivaly hour nahodilsya have lcars. Then I mitratel VSI money on treatment, navti ti, scho vaklamana on pogasheniya komunalnih plativ. I’ve agrosila quarantine. I didn’t stigla spati package documents, yaki potribni for prodovzhennja social viplat. H vanolst lachey s serediny travnia, and before us no scho kupovati go. Pachnik, ocrm blagodijnij, we have no”.

TSE — the deprivation of a homeland, that potrebna relief. Club Dobrow PLANO patronati dozens Rodin zavdyaki sales Good notebook.

Notepad can pridbati two coloro: s dark TA sway Oblapenko. Napolnena they odnakovi — TSE 160 stornach iz kolorowej razvorote. Vartist notebook 450 UAH. Peredavlennyh more accessible for sit Orner ABO have the social standing tackle Club Dobrow (Facebook, Instagram).

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