From the “new Zidane” to the outcast. What happened with Samir Nasri?

“Sometimes it’s better to be silent, but I can’t. I have worked as a child – then I came home with a lump in the throat. So now I say what I think and don’t care if someone is my word not like”.

Samir Nasri came to this conclusion in the hospital for 12 days recovering from viral meningitis. He was not visited by a crowd of friends and acquaintances – only a couple of people. This situation is perfectly illustrated how deceptive people are and how fragile relationships.

He was 20 years old, and he decided that he will not be silenced. If something I want to say, he would say – and to hell with them, with those who don’t like it. It is better to be myself and sleep well at night, what to build yourself out of someone else.

Of course, not without regrets. For 33 years it is impossible not to feel the bitterness associated with the results of previous decisions. From Marseille to Arsenal from Manchester city in Sevilla, from Antalyaspor in “West ham”, Anderlecht, and now… where?

The transition to the Belgian club, which has already played his former team-mate Vincent Kompany, was accompanied by a fanfare. “Le petit prince est arrivé!” – shouted the Belgians. Now, when there was a sudden parting, there was no shouting or wishes. Athletic Director Michelle Verschuren shook his head and admitted that the signing of the Frenchman was a mistake. Curtain.

So it turns out that Nasri, played in top clubs of Europe, remains without a future. Who would have thought that it would come to this? At the time it seemed that we have before us the boundless talent, doomed to success.

“Samir now is the invisible man thinks the French journalist and writer Philippe eau Claire. – Start talking about it in France, and he will always be the same: “Yes, Nasri, right. And what happened to him?” People find it hard to understand how he came to such a life, squandered his incredible talent. He was so gifted that mind is difficult to understand how it all happened.”

“It’s a big, very big talent, believes Jose Anigo, in his time gave Samir his debut for Marseille. – It was something with something. But his trouble – character. I’m not saying he’s bad at it – Samir guy is good, but he is definitely complicated. He talks a lot. When he was 17, he was saying in the locker room like he’s 30. And for a player it is sometimes better to keep your mouth shut. The truth is good, but she often hurts career.”


Ninth of March 2010. London.

Arsenal won the “Port” with the account 2:0 – 3:2 in two matches. But “Emirates” in the voltage – on the Board 63 minute and everything is possible. Then Nasri gets the ball on the right flank. In front of him – three opponents, and go through them so simply will not work. You can go to the box, but there’s Raul Meireles in the way. You have to retreat, and then, cleverly holding the ball then the right, then left, go past Cristian Rodriguez and Alvaro Pereira to score one of the most brilliant goals of the season.



That was the whole Nasri. He took action immediately and scored beautifully. Few people could boast such equipment. Most of the opponents were not ready for its innovative solutions.

“His goals resulted from excellent first touch, intelligence, talent and peace,” said Arsene Wenger.

Then Samira magazine France Football has recognized the player of the year in France. You could even say that not getting into the team he just helped the midfielder has focused on the Arsenal and was a serious contender for the title of player of the year. Rio Ferdinand was sure that he deserved it.

At the end of a turbulent season, when Arsenal were again left with nothing, Nasri spoke openly about his desire to win something.

“We are already receiving a huge salary. My goal is to build a strong career and win trophies. I aspire to titles. I play because I love this sport and emotions from victories. Without titles “Golden ball” to win.”


When Cesc Fabregas moved to Barcelona, Arsenal, nobody was angry. He came to the club at the age of 16 years and stayed in it for eight years. We knew that the return to Catalonia is inevitable, and Wenger was even grateful for the fact that the Spaniard stayed at the club for a year longer than they expected.

When Samir Nasri went to Manchester city, the mood of the Londoners was already others. He was 24, like Fabregas, but he is in the team not stayed three years. He his “not served”, although his contract has ceased to operate after only 12 months.

“Manchester United” was also interested in Paris even held a secret meeting and Nasri, sir Alex Ferguson. As in the case of Hazard, the deal did not materialize due to “excessive demands” of the agent. When in late summer to race signed “city”, it became clear who will win – the team, whose finances were measured in barrels, was more than willing to pay any bonuses.

As a result, all England began to see Nasri not as an athlete, who craved new achievements, but as a money-hungry mercenary, who most importantly the thickness of your own pocket. Not surprisingly, Arsenal fans were beside himself, first shouting insults at the player, and then in the address Kronke Stan, the owner of the team. “Enough redneck!”.

The pressure is not prevented Nasri to play well, and a few days later he left London with a proudly raised head. At the end of the month, Manchester United defeated Arsenal with a score of 8:2 at old Trafford, forcing the latter to desperately try to sign someone in. Managed to lure per Mertesacker, Park Chu Yong, Andre Santos, Mikel the Arteta and Yossi Benayoun.

Arsene Wenger, meanwhile, did not hide his relationship to the former charge: “The Manchester city players are not going for trophies, and money.”

Traditional but obsolescent insult. When the city joined Kolo Toure is and Emmanuel Adebayor, he was weaker than Arsenal, but in 2011 the bulls were already above the “gunners” and celebrated the victory in the FA Cup. The very same London club is rapidly losing its main stars. Nasri no doubt in your choice. “You are in table view”, he said all unbelievers.

But besides money and ambition was another reason – pride.

Nasri was downright offended by the way Arsenal approached the negotiations on the extension of the contract. “I started negotiations in October 2010 and told them directly that I want to stay, – said the Frenchman after his transfer to city. In December I received a response. I called their numbers and I promised to answer in February. In February, no one answered – they were all busy. I waited and waited and waited… and then when I replied in June, it was already too late.”

As another representative of the “Arsenal” of that time remarked, “Samir was angry because the talks especially prolonged. The club subsequently trying to convince him, but he had already decided. Let’s be honest, “city” was the perfect option for him financially and from a sporting point of view. But even if the city was not interested, he would just wait until the end of the contract and left. He had just been insulted. He is someone who always talks about respect. If Samir thinks you don’t respect him, you from him will not achieve anything”.


March 21, 2012. Manchester.

Almost no time left to take the coveted first title of the Premier League. “City” left behind “Manchester United”, and here at the “Etihad” scored “Chelsea”. The replacement came from Carlos Tevez, who was expected to make miracles, but Nasri will be remembered by all the audience. That was his best moment in Manchester when, after a penalty, but the Frenchman snatched victory.

The highlights were many: assist three goals against Tottenham, a goal in the League Cup final 2014, the most important the ball is against the “West ham” in may 2014… with him in the center of the city stopped Arsenal fans who were screaming that the trophy sheikhs not buy.

“I hope they were watching, I was awarded the medal of APL, without hesitation said Nasri in 2012. – I think “Arsenal” for many years, never won anything”.

Like many others, Nasri barely worked with coach Roberto Mancini. However, along with Mario Balotelli he belonged to a small number of those who might force others to accept the style of an Italian coach. Mancini himself admitted that he was irritated by the instability Nasri that he tried to hit him. The joke, of course, but not without a grain of truth. “Sometimes players think that you can play half-heartedly”. These words angered Nasri, who, however, “sadly” I know that Mancini was fired.

“Samir is one of the most gifted players I’ve worked with – and I rarely praising players,” said Micah Richards from man city.

Nasri really has been very successful in the city, but at the same time, it was less stable than at Arsenal. It was less controversial player than Gallas or Emmanuel Frimpong, but not all teammates loved him. In the “city” had more leaders, and talkativeness Nasri not everyone likes.

Twitter Manchester City

Mancini’s successor was Manuel Pellegrini, and he gave Nasri more space for creative activities. Alas, there is prevented the injury and extra weight. When the team began to manage PEP Guardiola, he immediately pointed to the fact that the Frenchman needed was to lose weight. It is, in fact, an old problem, because even at Arsenal, the player led a constant battle against overweight. Sources even claimed that played, the midfielder went to an Italian Spa to lose weight.

“Samir never really drank, but ate it a lot. Now most of the best players are not just footballers, they are athletes. Samir is a good player, but an athlete can not call it” – recalled the source.

Among other problems include driving Nasri. It’s amazing how many people are willing him to remember. Dozens of fines for speeding, lots of complaints about dangerous driving – Samir did not like to wait and didn’t like to follow the rules. And finally, let’s not forget that in the “city” Nasri just annoyed many. He was a man who thought his broad, charming, and someone hated it.


A couple of months ago Nasri decided ponostalgirovat and share in your Instagram photo.

In the photo you can see the youth team from France from the final of Euro 2004. Then the French beat the Spaniards, which were made by Gerard Pique and Cesc Fabregas. Then Nasri scored the decisive goal.



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