From the foyer of the White house removed the portraits of Clinton and Bush. The first trump was called a “bad President”, the second “stupid”

From the main foyer of the White house removed the portraits of the 42nd US President bill Clinton 43rd George W. Bush. As informs television channel CNN, they were replaced by portraits of Republican presidents William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt.

According to TV channel, at least until July 8, the portraits of Clinton and Bush were in the main foyer and acting head of the White house Donald trump could see them every day when I come down the stairs. Now they moved in a rarely used room old dining room.

According to tradition, noted by CNN, the portraits of past U.S. presidents should occupy the most prominent place in the White house, so they are visible for guests during formal events. Nevertheless, the portrait of a predecessor to trump Barack Obama in the residence did not appear that evidence “of tense relations between 44th and 45th President.”

Probably, the portraits of Clinton and Bush Jr. was removed at the request of trump, says CNN. A former adviser to trump John Bolton wrote in his book that trump “despised” President Bush and considered him “stupid”. He also criticized bill Clinton, mainly because it is the husband of Hillary Clinton, the opponent of trump’s for the 2016 elections. According to trump, Clinton was a “bad President.”

The White house was unable to immediately provide comment on the movement of portraits of statesmen.

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