Frank LAMPARD: “N Golo Kante will not participate in the semi-finals”

Head coach of “Chelsea” Frank Lampard told about the readiness of Londoners to the semi-final game with “Manchester United”.

“The team is fine, but N Golo Kante has not yet gained a form to match. He’s still not recovered, therefore, will not participate in the semi-finals. In addition, we have several players with minor injuries, but we will monitor their condition for the next 24 hours, and then we’re ready to take the field.

We know that Manchester United is playing well. They have very capable strikers, probably the worst three hitters in the country, judging by the statistics, and, of course, Bruno Fernandes has made a significant contribution after the transition in January. You can see how the individual players make the team, but we are ready. We need to be confident, to cope with the threat and to concentrate on your game.”

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