Frank admission: Billy Ailes told about the former and what has influenced her style

18-year-old Billy Iles gained millions of fans and earned five Grammy awards, but her life still accompany complexity. Recently, the singer released a sensual video in which he spoke about accepting yourself, and also gave a candid interview with British GQ:

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“I went through a period of wanting to be like everybody else. But that went away pretty fast.” On the imperative of graft and the embarrassment of plaudits; on body image and the conflict of desire; on pop, rap and pigeonholing; and on the terrible scrutiny of social media that took her to the brink of suicide: this is #BillieEilish, our July/August cover star 2020. LINK IN BIO for the full interview with @jonathangq. Photography by @daniellelevitt Styling by @samanthaburkhartstylist // #GQ Editor @dylanjonesgq

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“Here’s the bomb: I never feel welcome. My past Boyfriends never made me feel that way. Neither one of them. And this lack of physical desire from someone really affected my life. So I dress like dress up, and I don’t want to think about how you guys, all of you, appreciate the body washes and sizes,” admitted Billy.

The singer also spoke about how she sees her style:

“Sometimes I dress like a boy, sometimes as a fancy-ass girl. And sometimes I feel like a hostage of the created image and I’m starting to think that people don’t see me as a woman. That video of the tour was getting to that, I say: look under my clothes is a body, which you will not see.”

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